The Illiterator beta

Its [sic] a translator!

Are you over-educated and suffering for it? This tool translates your English into something the illiterati can understand: hilariously over-the-top error-ridden English! The "game" here is to create a short yet meaningful paragraph within 90 characters that triggers a large number of the most common English errors.


Type or paste your text below:

Example text:

The puppy was wary of its shadow.

Translated text:

The puppy wuz weary off it's shadow.

Score: 4.57

The sentence triggered four changes out of seven unique words. That's 57% of the words changed, so 4 (unique changes) + 0.57 (percent changes) is 4.57.


If your most-despised error isn't represented here, or if you just want to show off your high score, send an email.

© 2011, 2012 Bill Pellowe and All Calendars Net.
Disclaimer: This is just for fun. Students, even though this tool could be capable of correcting your writing for you, there's no guarantee that the results would be error-free.
Seriously: We really want this to be educational rather than mean, so if you have suggestions, please contact.
Fact: The highest possible score is 360, we think, though that's only if you ignore the 90 character limit, which is suggested as a challenge.
July 14, 2013: Added a dozen more phrases. (Example: Try "It's a dog eat dog world")
Aug 23, 2011: Changed scoring to a simple count of how many unique changes were triggered.
Aug 24, 2011: Changed scoring to reflect the "density" of the changes.
Aug 24, 2011: Added the countdown feature. (Got it here.)